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MEI ‘Mediation & Information’ is an international publication designed to promote and publicize research in mediation, communication and information sciences. Eleven French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian universities participate in the Editorial and Scientific Committees.

  • 25 years of publication
  • 40 issues
  • 422 authors
  • 493 published articles


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Comment le design intuitif communique-t-il ?

Jérôme Guibourgé - Audrey Moutat

This article aims at determining the functional principles of intuitive design, understood as a communication device that tacitly states its usability. The goal will be to show how such a design succeeds in convoking, through object structures, sensible and sensorimotor patterns stored...

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Esquisse d’une Théorie du Design Informationnel dans le domaine de l’architecture et de l’urbain

Patrizia Laudati

Designers of architectural objects have to order a quantity of existing data, integrate new data and structure them so they make sense and provide useful information. They must be able to be interpreted and used by the other participants involved in the various stages of the...

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Myths: Representation of Design in the New-Age of Communication

Doganberk Demir

This paper investigates the role of designer in material and visual culture and how designers became myth-makers in todays culture scene. In a saturated world of objects of design that is present, designers do not deal with only form and functionality but market asks for...

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Les enjeux théoriques et pratiques de la sémiotique du design

François Maréchal

The theoretical and practical stakes of semiotics applied to design. Analysing design alongside with a user test, taking the example of the Peugeot 308 “i-Cockpit”.
Inspired by a professional example of semiotics applied to design, the article explores two types of...

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“Done by app” : du design de services au quadrillage du réel

Pia PandelakisPia Pandelakis . Pia Pandelakis est maître de conférences en design à l’Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès et membre du laboratoire LLA-CRÉATIS.  Elle enseigne notamment dans le cadre du Master Design Transdisciplinaire, Cultures et Territoires (master DTCT). Ses...

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