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MEI ‘Mediation & Information’ is an international publication designed to promote and publicize research in mediation, communication and information sciences. Eleven French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian universities participate in the Editorial and Scientific Committees.

  • 24 years of publication
  • 40 issues
  • 422 authors
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Les enjeux théoriques et pratiques de la sémiotique du design

François Maréchal

The theoretical and practical stakes of semiotics applied to design. Analysing design alongside with a user test, taking the example of the Peugeot 308 “i-Cockpit”.
Inspired by a professional example of semiotics applied to design, the article explores two types of...

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Pluraliser les régimes de signe pour rendre compte de l’usage

Vincent Beaubois - Camille Chamois

The use of an object or a technical device refers to the meaning this object implies to the user. This article thus develops a semiotic analysis in order to elucidate the notion of meaning we implicitly refer to. We first compare the structuralist and cognitivist models to emphasize...

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Des robots comme nouvelles entités et univers narratifs à construire

Stéphanie Cardoso - Mélanie Bourdaa

This article deals with a transversal approach in design and Transmedia and aims at understanding their complementarities in the conception of new entities and their narrative, communication and promotional spaces. Our study will focus on social robots, which are here technological...

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La petite histoire de Mac Donald à l’ère du flat design

Anne Beyaert-Geslin

The article defines three temporalities of advertising and relates Mac Donald’s documents in this little story. How does graphic design contribute to the brand’s project and remodel images? By distancing the properties of the product, the flat model allows the brand to illustrate...

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Eléments de design sonore pour appréhender les livres numériques

Olivier Rampnoux - Géraldine Cohen

Through the integration of an oral narration in the ebook and also the addition of various sounds, a sound syntax emerges and enriches the digital book. New interactions between verbal signs and sound signs become possible. By exploring these potentialities of significations, we...

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