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MEI ‘Mediation & Information’ is an international publication designed to promote and publicize research in mediation, communication and information sciences. Eleven French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian universities participate in the Editorial and Scientific Committees.

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Design du codesign – Le rôle de la communication dans le design participatif

Bernard Darras

This article is intended to present cooperative design, also known as participatory design or codesign. It discusses the issue of creative participation in a democratic regime and adopts a relationist and communicational approach typical of codesign and empathic design.

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The Communication of Memory and the Inhabited Experience

Pamela Salen - Pamela Salen

This paper proposes that memory and the inhabited experience are a particular form of embodied communication. In doing so, it privileges personal and interpersonal accounts of the everyday as an impetus towards shaping practice-led research in communication design that...

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Design d’interfaces : du dialogue homme-machine au support médiatique

María Inés Laitano - Philippe Bootz

This paper draws a parallel between instrumental approaches of interface design and communicative approaches, in order to revisit the contributions of the latter to the former and to introduce briefly a model which would be able to reconcile them. It does this through a chronological...

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Bernard Darras - Stéphane Vial

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Du design d’interaction au « textile social » : approches communicationnelle et sémiotique d’un média tangible

Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson

Based on the study of an experimental project managed by a team of students from the MIT in 2015, this article investigates the links between design and communication. Between textile and digital design, the project invites to rethink the mediated interpersonal communication, from the...

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