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MEI ‘Mediation & Information’ is an international publication designed to promote and publicize research in mediation, communication and information sciences. Eleven French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian universities participate in the Editorial and Scientific Committees.

  • 25 years of publication
  • 40 issues
  • 422 authors
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Bernard Darras - Stéphane Vial

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Semiotics’ Razor. Or, how to tell products’ signification apart from products’ communication.

Alvise Mattozzi

This paper investigates the difference between product signification and product communication by describing the case of the Sensors for Women razors. Through a semiotic analysis of SensorExcel for Women and the comparison with the previous model –...

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Des robots comme nouvelles entités et univers narratifs à construire

Stéphanie Cardoso - Mélanie Bourdaa

This article deals with a transversal approach in design and Transmedia and aims at understanding their complementarities in the conception of new entities and their narrative, communication and promotional spaces. Our study will focus on social robots, which are here technological...

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Exposer le design par le design : Une approche communicationnelle d’une exposition des frères Bouroullec au Musée des arts décoratifs.

Marie-Sylvie POLI - Brigitte AUZIOL

« Momentané », the design exhibition dedicated to the creations of  the Bouroullec brothers is explored in this article from a communicational and semiotic perspective.
After having introduced our concepts and analysis framework,...

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Esquisse d’une Théorie du Design Informationnel dans le domaine de l’architecture et de l’urbain

Patrizia Laudati

Designers of architectural objects have to order a quantity of existing data, integrate new data and structure them so they make sense and provide useful information. They must be able to be interpreted and used by the other participants involved in the various stages of the...

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