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Corte : a village of shepherds that becomes a university town.


Abstract : In the center of Corsica there is Corté, a summary of time on space. A village of shepherds and the media of the 1980s liked to describe this town that will gradually turn into a university town. Throughout this architecture we find all the history of the island, from...

La carte fish-eye pour le projet de la ville de Sendai au Japon : Échelles imbriquées, espaces communs et représentations partagées


During the 1970s, the “Sendai Developers Committee” was established by the Sendai Municipality and brought together the central government, the private sector and academics. This committee has developed a vast plan for the city, called “the ideal form of Sendai; the city of...

Le musée et la ville, mutations architecturales de l’institution muséale

Paul RASSE - Vincent LAMBERT

The original museums had a panoptic organization, which was indispensable for the composition of natural history and for aesthetics. This function started to recede at the end of the last century. The museums then reinvented themselves, by turning into an entirely different form of...

Communiquer l’architecture de la Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris par des dispositifs cartographiques numériques

Marie CAMBONE - Marie-Sylvie POLI

Abstract : Our paper aims to understand the communication issues of the mediation practices of urban spaces proposed by digital devices of architecture mediation. We analyze the devices implemented to enhance the architectural heritage of the Cité Internationale Universitaire of...

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