Under the direction of Bernard Darras and Stéphane Vial

Since the act of design is, by definition, one of communication, designers from all sectors are increasingly aware of the need to underpin their practice with a sound knowledge of key communication principles. This issue of MEI investigates the complex relationship between communication and design and questions how communication theories impact broadly on design practice. The 30 contributing authors come from a wide range of backgrounds in the fields design and communication, each undertaking an integral role in creating, researching and acknowledging the role of communication in relation to design.
Areas of investigation examined in this issue include graphic design; interactive and digital design; product design; architectural design; landscape design; urban design; eco-design; co-design; textile design; fashion design; design management; strategic design and social, or service design.

ISBN online : 978-2-336-31210-1

La petite histoire de Mac Donald à l’ère du flat design

Anne Beyaert-Geslin

The article defines three temporalities of advertising and relates Mac Donald’s documents in this little story. How does graphic design contribute to the brand’s project and remodel images? By distancing the properties of the product, the flat model...

“Done by app” : du design de services au quadrillage du réel

Pia PandelakisPia Pandelakis . Pia Pandelakis est maître de conférences en design à l’Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès et membre du laboratoire LLA-CRÉATIS.  Elle enseigne notamment dans le cadre du Master Design Transdisciplinaire, Cultures et...

Design et communication urbaine: un essai de croisement

Smail Khainnar

Urbanize the contemporary city is no longer limited to erect buildings and draw the channels of communication. Beyond these processes of urban intervention on its biological body, make the city, it is also the communicate to its users in order to make...

Au nom de la solidarité. Les nouveaux discours publics contre le VIH

Michael RINN

Abstract : This paper analyzes HIV/aids prevention campaigns since their launch in the early 1980s until the present day. We will try to understand the hybrid nature of this discourse: It is both functional, in its maximization of...

Du design de mode à la fabrique du corps communicant. Vers un design du corps communicant


Abstract : If one considers fashion design as an adjunct in the communication of the body, it is undoubtedly by virtue of its ability to materialize thought. The creations resulting from the fashion design can indeed be considered as media...

Concevoir sa communication pour mieux communiquer sa conception architecturale


To better communicate its architectural work to the customer (interpersonal communication), the designer is supposed to properly design its communication during its exercise creative. Thus, the communication appears for a designer as a purpose, enabling it...

Denials in the Labels for Packaged Chinese Foods: A Socio-psychological pragmatic Analysis

Xinren CHEN

Abstract : Despite substantial research on food labels, little attention has been directed to a newly emerging discursive phenomenon pertaining to the content of labeling on Chinese food packages. This empirical study, working on a set of...

Eléments de design sonore pour appréhender les livres numériques

Olivier Rampnoux - Géraldine Cohen

Through the integration of an oral narration in the ebook and also the addition of various sounds, a sound syntax emerges and enriches the digital book. New interactions between verbal signs and sound signs become possible. By exploring these...

Exposer le design par le design : Une approche communicationnelle d’une exposition des frères Bouroullec au Musée des arts décoratifs.

Marie-Sylvie POLI - Brigitte AUZIOL

« Momentané », the design exhibition dedicated to the creations of  the Bouroullec brothers is explored in this article from a communicational and semiotic perspective.
After having introduced our...

Le phénomène « carte blanche ». Pratiques de communication dans le musée MUDAC

Chiara Rubessi

This article is the result of a reesearch on the temporary design exhibitions named entitled « carte blanche à un designer », held since 2002 at the MUDAC (Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains) of...